Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday, Strange to Me

Well, last Monday was really, shall we say, different.  Making a long story short I suggested an independent "Lessons Learned" exercise regarding the loss of Perceptive Software.  Apparently some folks misunderstood the reasoning.  Oh well.  In many cases an outside look at different things that have happened can be enlightening.  People cdan learn what went right and what didn't, and what can possibly be done to prevent a similar situation in the future.

The Shawnee Dispatch covered this pretty much in depth at

Another resident of the community addressed the council.  He was attempting to get the council to reconsider its previous decision that eliminated full minutes of council/council committee meetings.  Apparently he had done some research about a situation involving his neighborhood (believe that is also where Jeff Vaught lives) and was trying to explain why the full minutes are useful for research.  Anyway, Vaught who previously was in favor of eliminating the full minutes proposed that it be looked at again.  It should be noted, that when this originally came up, of the currently sitting council members only Michelle Distler and Dan Pflumm voted to keep the full minutes and the corresponding governmental tranparency.  The KC Star covered it in this article

Sidebar 1:  Vaught went after Eric Jenkins, demanding the answer to a question by rapid firing "answer the question, answer the question, answer the question".  Wonder what would happen if I said that to Vaught, since he has steadfastly refuesed to answer a very simple question:  what is his education level?  He would not list that in the questionnaire submitted to the Dispatch at the election that he ran in.  And, when I approached him about it, he wouldn't answer it.  That is a common resum√© question.  What is he hiding?

Sidebar 2.  Let's shout out "answer the question, answer the question answer the question" to Dawn Kuhn.  Actually 2 questions, but very simple ones:  First, why is she being paid under two different names by the city, White for payroll, and Kuhn for expense reimbursement?  Second, which of those two names is she being paid as by her non-governmental employer, Bank Midwest?