Thursday, September 13, 2012

City Might Need to Listen to Citizens More Often

There are still some comments being made about the potential cost of returning to detailed minutes of city council proceedings.

There appears to be a strong possibility that the city's estimates for the costs might actually be on the high side.

All one has to do is go to the blog and read the post "Bittersweet victory: Detailed minutes restored" posted 9/12/12.

Tony Lauer's research into costs for this procedure are coming in substantially lower than the city's.  Every day it becomes more evident that his research is complete and accurate.  Witness his discovery of the substantial overcharges to the city for sewer fees.

Maybe certain individuals who have this "we know better than the people" attitude need to rethink that attitude.  Maybe they need to stop acting like the "Father Knows Best" benevolent parent and start listening to their "children".  It would be a travesty for the city not to follow some of Mr. Lauer's guidelines/research with regards to the cost of transcription services.

Why were the city's estimates for transcription services so high?  Was it a move by certain individuals to inflate the potential costs so as to attempt to sabotage the return of the detailed minutes?