Sunday, September 23, 2012

Why Can't Council Reps Answer Simple Questions?

Recently, a former city council member, David Morris derided elected officials when they revert to "government speak".  I have run into this when trying to get some council reps to answer some very basic, simple questions.  Instead of providing simple, direct answers, they do everything to avoid a direct answer.


Jim Neighbor, Ward I:  Still hasn't answered the question as to why he did not acknowledge in a council meeting that he had received a $500 donation from a company that is interested in a CID in Shawnee.

Dawn Kuhn, Ward III:  Remember this one?  She gets her salary check as Dawn White (her maiden name) but her city expense checks as Dawn Kuhn.  Now, many women get paid under their maiden name.  But, how many get two different checks from the same employer, using both marriage and maiden names?  When asked why, she danced around it and still hasn't answered that question.

Jeff Vaught, Ward III:  Ahhh yes............the council member who expects people to answer his questions, but doesn't answer theirs.  When he originally ran for office he refused to comment to the Shawnee Dispatch what his education level was.  That was one of about 5 or 6 basic questions they asked.  You know, a resumé question.  But he probably doesn't know anything about resumés, since you don't need one when you work for daddy.  When I asked him, he, like Kuhn above, Tijuana Two Stepped around it.  But, in this case I think I figured it out.  Is it possible that he didn't want to admit that he and I share something in common?  What is that you ask?  Well, I freely admit that I'm a high school drop out.  Is that what he is also?