Saturday, September 08, 2012

Why does the JoCO DA say public business is too often private?

A recent article in the KC Star entitled  "Johnson County district attorney says public business is too often private" is one indication of why folks need to get more involved in local government.

One item coming up locally is the Shawnee City Council meeting which is considering the reinstatement of full version minutes of its proceedings.  That is important at it will add to transparency and better information to the citizens as to what their local elected representatives are doing.  This meeting is scheduled for Monday, 9/10/12 at city hall at 7:30PM.  Show up and see, listen, and even contribute your comments and thoughts.

The above mentioned KC Star article can be viewed at

There are some references in the article to recent happenings in Shawnee.

One needs to be aware that the comment that the League of Kansas Municipalities is a taxpayer funded organization means that cities become members, using taxpayer dollars to join, but it is governing bodies that choose to join, not taxpayers themselves.