Saturday, April 27, 2013

Time Will Tell

An interesting, possibly positive thing happened at the 4/22/13 city council meeting.

The necessary machinery was put into effect to start the first building (150,000 sq ft) in the Westlink Business Center Industrial Park.

The information that was presented by Andrew Nave, Executive Director of the Shawnee Economic Development Council was that the building would eventually be home to approximately 320 new jobs for Shawnee.  He also went on to show us what number of those would be new residents (80), new students in the schools, and all of the other pertinent demographics to include various dollar figures.

Personally I think the building will bring new jobs to Shawnee.  And, I believe it will bring some new residents, students for the schools and additional money.

What I don't believe is, IMHO, the over inflated numbers.  We have all seen these types of buildings in other industrial parks. 

Many of them become very large warehouse/distribution centers, which, because of automation, may have 2-3 dozen employees.

Other buildings like this wind up being subdivided into 8-12 smaller units.  These then become small businesses, (usually of a mini warehouse/distribution type) which may employ 3-9 people each

So, do I think this is a positive step?  Yes.  Do I think the numbers presented to the council were pie in the sky?  Yes. 

But then, time will tell.................

Sidebar:  We still haven't heard anything about creating a destination venue to draw from all the athletic tournaments, NASCAR races, concerts etc.