Monday, November 04, 2013

Citizen Input at Public Meetings & Property Maintenance Code Enforcement

Tomorrow, Tuesday 11/5/13 the Council Committee will be reviewing Policy Statement 7 (PS-7).

This is the policy statement that governs the conduct of city council and council committee meetings.  It covers many aspect of the meetings to include citizen input.

Whether you have spoken out at any of these meetings in the past, plan on doing so in the future, or are just interested in how the process works this is a meeting to attend.  One never knows when they may have an issue to speak out about.  Just ask those who live in certain subdivisions that have recently had issues concerning public green spaces.  Think about the recent statements that the city may have to raise taxes in the not too distant future for infrastructure maintenance and repairs.  One never knows when one might want/need to speak at city hall. 

The policy concerning Property Maintenance Code Enforcement (PS-55) is also going to be reviewed at this meeting.

The agenda with supporting documents is available at:$FILE/Council_Committee_2013_11_5_Agenda_with_Supporting_Documentation.pdf

The meeting starts at city hall at 7PM, at 11110 Johnson Drive.

WARNING!!!!!! The City Manager of Shawnee has determined that local bloggers post items that may contain bad or misinformation. Please read these posts with care and determine for yourself whether the information is valid.