Thursday, October 31, 2013

Vaught Just Doesn't Get It

At this past Monday's special council meeting to select a replacement for the open Ward III seat, councilmember Michelle Distler had an email from early August put on the overhead projector.
The email basically said that when Kuhn resigned from her Ward III seat, that Stephanie Meyer would be the individual selected to fill it.  The email went on to indicate which four sitting councilmembers would vote for Meyer:  Vaught, Sandifer, Neighbor and Sawyer.

Jeff Vaught labeled the email a rumor.

Well, let's see what happened:
1.  Kuhn resigned
2.  Stephanie Meyer was selected for the seat
3.  The councilmembers voting for Meyer were Vaught, Sandifer, Neighbor and Sawyer

Hmmmmmm........was the email a rumor?  Was it a coincidence?  Prophetic?  Psychic?  Clairvoyent?  Prescient? Or did word get out as to what the outcome would be?

When each of the candidates was asked if they thought the decision had been predetermined, their answers were interesting:

Sheahan emphasized the word "majority". He didn't  know if the "majority" had decided.
King said he didn't know for sure but maybe
Lauer said it was common knowledge the likelihood of which candidate it would be
Meyer said no

So they were all affirmative except Meyer.
Here's a thought.  Maybe it was predetermined. And maybe, just maybe, as a result of the KOMA investigation because of the prior appointment of Alan Willoughby (the mayor's uncle by marriage) that maybe certain individuals handled their collusion in a more surreptitious manner.

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