Sunday, November 24, 2013

Vaught and His Hypocrisy

Something that happened at the meeting that selected Stephanie Meyer for the Ward III council seat reminded me of some of Jeff (The Arrogant One) Vaught's hypocrisy.

Previously, Vaught had been highly critical of and publicly excoriated a state representative for getting involved in Shawnee politics.  And he did that using the dais of the council chambers for his rant.  All that, even though the state rep is a Shawnee resident and has every right to speak out on what happens in the city.

But, when Vaught ran for reelection he had no problem touting the endorsement of US Sen Jerry Moran, a Hays, Kansas resident.

Also, Vaught's recent support of a new rental townhome project in western Shawnee (in Ward III) would appear to contradict his previous negative statements of the rights of those who rent.  Maybe we need to notify the folks who move into those units that their council member doesn't think they have a stake in Shawnee. 

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