Sunday, April 22, 2012

After The Smoke Has Cleared

Well, it’s been almost three weeks since the Shawnee city elections.

Sometimes, certain things are best said after the election when people aren’t so hung up on emotions and can think.

During the campaign, Jeff Vaught, 3d Ward councilmember accused State Rep. John Rubin of meddling in city elections. Apparently we have another instance in which Vaught needs a refresher course (that is if he ever took the original) on civics 101.

Representative Rubin has every right to speak out on Shawnee elections. He is a resident of the city, and as such who gets elected to what positions concerns him. Additionally, by claiming that Mr. Rubin is meddling Vaught is contradicting some of his own previous statements. Remember he (Vaught) said I didn’t have a stake in Shawnee because I rented, and unlike him (Vaught) I didn’t have a property tax statement. Guess what? Mister Rubin does own a residence in Shawnee, and he does have a property tax statement. So he is entitled to speak out on candidates running for office in Shawnee. And, he has done a lot more to preserve and protect our rights as citizens to speak out than Vaught has ever done. Individuals such as Mr. Rubin who have served in the military are the ones who have protected those rights.

Sidebar: Another updated civics lesson for Vaught……..people who rent are still entitled to vote, and to voice their opinion. Reminder: they pay property taxes included in their rent, they pay property taxes on their vehicles, sales taxes, franchise fees, etc., of which the city gets its share. Unless Mr. Vaught would like to support exempting renters from these taxes? Additionally there are many renters who have served this country to protect those voting and free speech rights.