Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Elect Eric Jenkins in Ward II - Say Sayonara to Neal Sawyer

It's time for a change Shawnee.  Eric Jenkins (website) needs to be elected as the council member in Ward II and Neal Sawyer needs to say sayonara.

On a personal basis, Neal is a nice guy and likable.  But, IMHO and that of many others, he has erred on many votes.  Some of which will be brought out on future posts here.  In his last election he only won by eleven votes.  That was real close.  What it means is that virtually half of his ward did not want him back in office.  He has also lost his election for precinct committeeman.  This has to tell you something.

Now, let's talk for a moment about Neal's actions on the council.  He has a habit of playing the teeter totter game.  If you go up to him and talk about an item (particularly spending) that may have been contentious, and that you do/did not favor he'll tell you "remember I spoke out against it".  Which is usually the truth.  But did he vote against it?  What he does is he speaks against an item in debate.  Then when it comes time to vote he makes a statement about his vote, beforehand, and will usually say something like "I am against this or don't agree with it but feel I have to vote for it because.......".  On the other hand, if you liked the item, he'll tell you he voted for it, but not that he spoke against it.  Hence, teeter totter.

Just search the minutes of council meetings (except for that period of time when we did not have full minutes which he had voted to do away with and leave only audio).  So, what is he doing?  He's playing both ends against the middle.  He is another person who, IMHO, has abrogated his responsibilities to bureaucratic control.

Eric Jenkins would bring a welcome change to the council.  Eric has a strong background and would bring some new perspectives to the council.  Visit Eric's website