Sunday, March 08, 2015

Vaught is in La La Land

Well it seems that Jeff  "The Arrogant One" Vaught still thinks he is a player in Shawnee politics.

On his campaign Facebook page he posted this little gem Saturday morning attempting to cast aspersions on the individuals who beat him, handily, in the primary:

I'm at another Legislative Breakfast this morning. Of course, neither of the two Shawnee mayoral candidates are here. What the legislature does directly impacts our city.

Well, one of the victors in the primary, Michelle Distler, had this to say and posted it as a comment on that FB page:

I apologize I cannot be everywhere at once Mr. Vaught. I was at the League of Women voters forum with Representative Rooker, Dr. Jim Hinson, and Dr. Berry listening to them discuss the local budget option and other things in regards to our schools. What the legislature does indeed directly impact us and fortunately since I can get that information from other sources the school discussion had to take priority with me yesterday

Sidebar:  What is truly ironic is that Vaught has claimed to know what the schools need. Remember, he misused an email list from the Riverview PTA to state how great he is.  So, why wasn't he at the forum on the schools?  Maybe he'd rather use the legislative breakfast for potential photo ops?

Some misguided folks have called him a leader.  A leader of what?  Well, he did lead in contributions collected for his campaign.  As a matter of fact based on current filings he collected almost as much as Pflumm and Distler combined.  He had the backing of a very prestigious campaign committee including some influential members of the Shawnee Chamber.

Maybe real people found him to be a leader of bovine scatology?

That nose just grows and grows.

WARNING!!!!!! The City Manager of Shawnee has determined that local bloggers post items that may contain bad or misinformation. Please read these posts with care and determine for yourself whether the information is valid.