Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Mayor Meyers Fails to Properly Inform

Unbelievable.  In his third rant about the proposed change in dates of city elections, even Mayor Jeff Meyers holds back on important info.

On the city's web site and in an email sent out to the city's listserv addresses the mayor fails to mention that the current proposal calls for city offices to be listed at the top of the ballot.   That would be ahead of any "biggies", like president, governor, etc. Gee, will his latest also show up in the Shawnee Dispatch?

Why is the mayor so vehemently opposed to November elections?  Spring elections for city offices usually only draw about 10% of registered voters.  Fall elections usually draw 50%-70%.  Don't we want more participation in city elections?

But I guess city officials don't disseminate bad or misleading information, only bloggers do that. Right?

WARNING!!!!!! The City Manager of Shawnee has determined that local bloggers post items that may contain bad or misinformation. Please read these posts with care and determine for yourself whether the information is valid.