Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ward III - Most Apathetic in Shawnee

Well, it looks like Ward III in Shawnee is the most apathetic in the city when it comes to participating in local elections.  Now, I'm sure this statement of mine will ruffle some feathers.  Too bad.  The election results prove it.

First let us look at Shawnee overall in the most recent election:
Registered voters  40,682    Voted   5,780     14.21%      (overall this is not good)

Now we will break it down by ward.  The first figure is the number of registered voters, the second figure is the number who voted and then the percentage.

Ward I         10,718            1,821          16.99%
Ward II          9,518            1,446          15.19%
Ward III       10,499            1,241          11.82%
Ward IV         9,947            1,272          12.79%

Did you notice another interesting item?  Both Wards II & IV have fewer registered voters than Ward III. But, not only did they have higher percentage turnouts, they also had higher actual turnouts.