Monday, April 27, 2015

Vaught Proves Again He Does NOT Believe in Open Government

Council member Jeff Vaught once again has proven he doesn't rreally believe in open government.

At the 4/13/15 council meeting an item came up and he recused himself from the discussion and then abstained from voting.  That happens, and it's usually when a member has an interest (usually financial) in the outcome.

So, based on that I sent him an email:

At the recent council meeting when that item came up you recused yourself from the discussion and then abstained from voting.

Those are the proper actions to take when one has a personal interest in the item being discussed/voted on.

Please provide me with the nature of the interest that you have that required your recusal and then abstention.

Thank you

Needless to say he doesn't answer.  So, guess he doesn't believe in full disclosure, nor in responding to citizen inquiries.


Sidebar:  At this evening's council session I came up with a proposal regarding the Deffenbaugh Impact fees and road repairs.  Used my 5 minutes.  Guess what happened? Instead of questioning my reasoning at that time, which would have allowed me an additional 5 minutes to respond, Vaught waited until the end of the meeting during miscellaneous council items to voice his comments.  Knowing full well that I could not, under meeting policy, get up to answer.  When I was in the military (something he never did) we'd call that a chicken s*^t move.