Sunday, May 31, 2015

Shawnee CERT Training Exercise 5/30/15

On Saturday, 5/30/15 6 members of  the Shawnee CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) and our emergency management coordinator joined members of four other teams in responding to a simulated tornado damage incident.

A soon to be demolished church on Midland Drive was the site selected for the exercise.  Prior to the exercise the emergency management coordinator had various simulated situations placed around both interior and exterior locations of the building.  In some cases dummies were used and in some cases volunteers playing the part of a victim were used.

This  exercise allowed the members of the CERT team (all volunteers) to practice various skills that they have been taught.  Like all exercises, it gave the team valuable information and feedback on their skills.  It also emphasized how important it would be to attract more volunteers to the Shawnee CERT.  We currently have approximately 25 members, but in a real life situation only about 25% would be able to show (what we had yesterday).

Needless to say, I personally am happy to be part of this team.

Two important links:

More info with pix of the exercise at Operation100 Facebook page Cick on any of the pix to start the slide show with captions. Or here to see the photo stream.

More info on Shawnee CERT by clicking here   Check periodically to see when the next volunteer training class will be held.