Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Dumb Rears its Head at Council Committee Meeting

Last night at the council committee meeting I do believe we were treated to another example of Jeff Vaught’s arrogance, and I would even go so far as to say stupidity. 

Let’s look at what the item was.  This was tabled from previous meetings and came back up last night and concerned the placement of ten electric vehicle charging stations by KCP&L on city property, including the parking lot at city hall.

Each of these charging stations will charge two vehicles, so it requires two parking spaces.  To place three at city hall would eliminate six parking spaces.  The bone thrown out by KCP&L would be that they would install them at no charge (an approximate value of $10K) and in return the city would pay for the electric services at each unit for two years.  The projected costs would be $400/year for each of the ten stations.  The stations can also be set for the users to pay, but KCP&L wants to do that after the first two years.

Anyone who has studied these things and the vehicles that use them knows that it takes a long time to charge up one of these vehicles.  Most of the council members could not see where that would be beneficial to have them  on city property since there would not be anything for people to do while the vehicles are being charged.  It is a fact that there are commercial properties that have installed them which makes sense.  First, folks can be shopping or related activities and the commercial properties could charge the costs to their advertising budgets.  Some that are doing that are Wal Mart, Hy Vee, Mill Creek Shopping Center.  Even the county owned golf course on Midland has them, but they are a self- supporting unit in that they charge greens fees and other related  fees, and folks that go there are there for quite some time.

A concept that is being used for the placement of these items is referred to as lily padding.  Well, if the Hy Vee at Pflumm  Rd and Mill Creek Shopping Center has them, the Wal Mart at SMP & Maurer and the one at Nieman and 74th, then attempting to place them at 10 Quivira or Shawnee Village Shopping Centers makes more sense, as suggested by yours truly.  Especially with the traffic at those locations.  Much higher traffic than where city hall is located.  Most of the council agreed with yours truly about letting commercial properties take the lead on this.

Now  his royal arrogance starts in with “I just don’t get it”.  That’s his favorite phrase when somebody disagrees with him. (In this case not just me but a majority of the council) A very arrogant statement too, because it is saying that only his idea is the right one and he can’t understand why you don’t agree with him.  He feels that the city should accept the $100K worth of equipment on the chance that down the road we will have a “fleet of electric vehicles”.  Which fleet is he talking about?  He’s in a dream world.  Our police vehicles, fire trucks, public works vehicles?  We only have about a dozen or so or maybe less, of vehicles used by codes and some other city departments and those are hand me down police vehicles

My opinion:  Not only was his arrogance at its nadir last night, but he has, at least to me, confirmed that he has to be one of the dumbest people to ever serve on the council.  In two elections he may have fooled the voters in Ward III, but in the last mayoral primary he didn’t fool the rest of the city when he didn’t even make it to the general election.

I’m really worried about this man.  Maybe he needs to see a doctor to see if he suffers  from Cra-Rec Syndrome**

**Cra-Rec Syndrome aka Cranial Rectal Inversion, when one’s cranium is tightly lodged in one’s rectal area and its functionality is reduced by spasmodic pressure, lack of sun light and toxic fumes