Friday, May 13, 2016

Memorial Day - 2016

In a little over two weeks our country will be celebrating Memorial Day.  Many folks will use the three day holiday to travel and visit friends and relatives, attend barbecues and a host of other events.

Unfortunately, there are some who really do not understand why we celebrate Memorial Day.  It is actually very simple.  If it wasn't for those who gave their all for our country we would not be having those barbecues, family gatherings, a day off from work or school, etc.

All I ask is that you take a few minutes to remember the meaning of this holiday.  Explain it to the young folks.  Teach them that "freedom isn't free".  When they complain that they don't have the latest and greatest cell phone, video game player, newest pair of sneakers, please explain to them what they would not have if those that have gone before them did not sacrifice for the future of this country. And teach them also, that if they should happen to see a vet or active member of our military, to just say two little words....."thank you".

Last but not least, please take the less than 8 minutes needed to view the video below from last year's Memorial Day tribute in Washington, DC.

Thank you..................