Sunday, May 15, 2016

Nieman Road Corridor Project

Is this a viable project?  Let's make it simple.  There are those who are pushing for this project as it will supposedly create better traffic flows.  Not just for vehicles, but for pedestrians and bicyclists, supposedly creating a more attractive environment to bring folks into the traditional "downtown" area of Shawnee.

That concept has merit.  Here though is my question.  What are they going to be coming to the downtown for?  The businesses located there are a jumble of architectural designs, with no symmetry.  Some of the businesses are built close to the roadway while others are set back quite a bit.  This does not make for an aesthetically pleasing downtown, regardless of what is done with the roads. trails, and sidewalks.

Besides that, now let's look at the types of businesses.  Are they unique and strong enough to bring folks into the corridor?

Would it be nice to have a strong and vibrant downtown?  You bet.  Do we have any indications or even conditional commitments from any developers about redoing the businesses, both in appearance and mix?  There has even been talk about some infill residential.  Or is this wishful thinking of "build it and they will come"?

We're talking millions of dollars here.  It would be nice to know if there will be commitments for ALL aspects of this project.