Thursday, February 09, 2017

Mayor Asks for Citizen Input

At yesterday's State of the City luncheon Mayor Michelle Distler asked citizens to provide input for the current satisfaction survey.

Some residents of the city will be receiving a copy of the survey in the mail.  If you do it has been requested that you complete it and return it. 

Those who have not received a copy in the mail may still complete the survey by clicking here.
This is one way for the citizens of Shawnee to let their feelings be known about various items concerning the city. 

Information about the city's on line service request was also mentioned.  This can also be done with an app on a person's phone.  Additional info about this can be found by clicking here.

The mayor highlighted various projects that have contributed to positive growth in Shawnee and went through a list of accomplishments by various city departments.

One area that is of importance to me (and many others) is public safety.  As a result of receiving two grants the city will be able to hire five additional police officers and supply the PD with body cameras for all members of the department.  Two positive items which were firmed up when the city council approved certain matching funds.

A new fire station (designated 74) has been authorized for the west side of Shawnee.  A specific location has not as yet been determined.  One thing that will happen once it is built is that response times to neighborhoods on the west side will be reduced for both fire fighting and medical emergencies.  This is positive for both life saving and property damage control.