Sunday, January 29, 2017

Three Legislators Ignored Query, Two Replied

Recently I sent an email to the five individuals who represent parts of Shawnee in the state legislature concerning campus carry. I published that letter on my blog and it can be viewed by clicking here.

Three of the five individuals failed to respond. These were State Reps Tom Cox, Cindy Neighbor and Linda Gallagher (who happens to be my rep). I guess they feel that inquiries from the public should be ignored.

Two of the individuals did respond, State Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook and State Rep. Shelee Brim. My promise was to post any replies I received and they are below. For the record, I concur with Pilcher-Cook's comments. On the other hand Brim said absolutely nothing. She wants to hear from her constituents? That's a bunch of nonsense. She has an obligation to inform her constituents what her stand is on any given issue and then let them come back and either voice agreement or disagreement. A wimpy answer from her.  Learn to take a stand.

Here they are

Dear Ray,

Thank you for taking the time to write regarding your opposition to weakening our 2nd Amendment protections as it pertains to college campuses.  I agree with your stance and appreciate your diligence in standing up for this important constitutional right.

The public has the right to protect themselves, and that includes on the grounds of public universities.  Many of our citizens spend a good part of their day working and attending classes and activities on college campuses.  Threats to personal safety don’t disappear once you step on campus; nor should rights to protect oneself diminish as a result.

Denying anyone their constitutional right to self-protection empowers criminals and leaves individuals vulnerable to criminal attack.

It's also important to remember that criminals are not, by definition, law abiding citizens and a gun-free zone is not going to deter them - in fact, quite the opposite.  This is why we must prevent any erosion in public safety, and that includes the right of law abiding citizens to protect themselves on college campuses.

Thank you again for your note, and I trust you will be following this debate throughout the session.

Mary Pilcher-Cook
Dear Ray,

Thank you for your input. I appreciate hearing from constituents regarding issues of concern. I will read all correspondence from District 39 constituents and take the information provided into consideration when making decisions.


Shelee Brim