Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Vaught Does It Again - Belittles A Fellow Councilmember

Interesting item at last night's council meeting.

It started with a proposal to purchase a new striping machine for the public works department.  f\For the record, IMHO, they do need a new one.  The current item has some severe problems.

Anyway, Councilmember Kemmling had some questions about the item.  As a councilmember, he or any councilmember has a right to question expenditures. 

What happened next though was another example of Vaught's arrogant attitude that he and he alone knows what is right.  He just could not understand how another councilmember could vote without question on spending over $300K for new police vehicles but questioned the PW item.  What he said and how he said it can be accessed by listening to the audio of the meeting.

My only regret?  The misguided woman who accosted me in the Hy-Vee parking lot a few months ago wan't at the meeting to hear Vaught's bullying, belittling comments towards a fellow councilmember.  Remember that?  If not, click here to read it.