Saturday, October 14, 2017

Kenig Gets Donations from Developer's Attorney/Law Firm

Brandon Kenig, the lame duck city council rep from Ward IV has been making various public comments that are favorable concerning the Westbrooke Green project at 75th and Quivira.

Well, we are not going to say whether we agree or disagree with his comments.  What we are going to say is that he has received various contributions to his campaign account from lawyers who work at the law firm that is representing the developer, to include a contribution from the firm itself.

First, let's look at this from the packet at the meeting of 10/9:

The project team for MP Westbrooke North, LLC consists of:
Principals: Joint venture of Mission Peak Capital and Extell Development Company
primary contact is Patrick J. Ventola of Mission Peak Capital
Legal counsel: John Petersen, Polsinelli
Engineer: Brad Sonner, Olsson Associates
Architect: Clint Evans and Tim Homburg, NSPJ Architects

Now, let's look at these contributions which Kenig listed on his financial filings:

4/25/17  Polsinelli PC                                                  $250
5/1/17    Curt Peterson  Attorney at Polsinelli PC       $250
5/1/17    John Peterson  Attorney at Polsinelli PC       $250
7/20/17  John Petersen  Attorney at Polsinelli PC       $250

Considering that Kenig reported $6,225 in contributions that $1,000 is a pretty substantial amount, like about 16%.

Even though he is a lame duck council representative he will still be on the council for any actions on this project at the 11/13 and possibly 12/8 meetings.

All I can say is that I have a hard time with these donations, especially the ones from the firm itself and the attorney who is counsel for the developer.