Friday, October 20, 2017

Tony Noble's Recent Letter is Aggravating

I'm not going to beat around the bush.  Going to get right to what is bothering me, since I have, up to this point supported Tony Noble.

Tony Noble, candidate for the Ward 4 council seat out a letter recently.  I have read it and am not happy as there appear to be several misleading statements.  For brevity's sake I will not go item by item at this point in time.

But, there is one item that I will address now.  In his letter he says:  "Even the mayor decided her column in the city's taxpayer-funded newsletter was the place to make political statements."

Wow, is this political neophyte off base.  Who is he relying on for his input?  You can read the mayor's letter for yourself by following this link and then scrolling to page 2.  The mayor, like any good elected official prior to an election is:
1.  Suggesting folks do research on the candidates and not rely on just postcards
2.  She even suggests calling the candidates to discuss issues
3.  She points out how important it is to vote.

That is not political.  She made no comments as to the viability of any candidate. Basically, it was a generic "please do your civic duty and vote" column.  Something which I myself have advocated many times on this blog.

For Tony Noble to claim that that column was "making political statements" just shows that he does not understand that terminology.  Maybe his commentary would have been different if she had endorsed him.  Sour grapes?  Heck, she hasn't endorsed any candidates in this election.

Anyway, even though I have voiced a preference for Tony Noble in this election I must now change my position.  For various reasons I cannot support his opponent either.  Have never been in this position in a local race before.  I will probably end up writing in a candidate.  Heck, might even write myself in.........

Most importantly, I must apologize to those who have shown support for Noble based on my recommendations.  Even so, if you are one of those individuals, you may still find that he is your candidate of choice.  If so, that is the American way.  I just find his amateurish attempt to besmirch the mayor is reprehensible.  She has done more for this city than he can ever hope to do.