Saturday, October 14, 2017

Lindsey Constance - All Puff No Substance - Bad for Shawnee

Just received a mailer from Lindsey Constance who is running for city council in Ward 4 in Shawnee.
A copy of it is posted below.  Click on it to see a larger view.

Ms. Constance is all puff and absolutely no substance.  Read the piece for yourself.  Typical kumbayah sound bites.  Nowhere does she mention her position(s) on any recent or current actions before the council.

She just comes up with the usual liberal democratic socialist talking points.  This individual would be bad for Shawnee.  Actually, she'd be terrible for Shawnee.  We do know that she has received funding from the JoCo Democratic party machine.  Is she another Hillary Clinton disciple like Justin Adrian?

Remember the name and face below.If you like keeping your money in your wallet do not vote for her.