Sunday, November 26, 2017

Important for Public to Consider Citizen Interest Groups for Westbrooke Green

Westbrooke Green is a contentious project.  There are a bunch of competing viewpoints concerning this project, be it the actual type of project, the tax incentives, and a variety of other items.

In the past, when citizens spoke about projects like this at council meetings there would be many disjointed individual comments.  To make the process more easier, and to give the average citizen a chance to have their comments presented in a more fluid manner. Council Member Eric Jenkins (Ward II) championed a change to Policy Statement-7.  To read his comments about this click here for a link to his FB page

The change allows for 12 citizens to form a Citizens Interest Group and then have one person give a 30 minute presentation (with the possibility of a 30 minute extension).  This allows for a better, stronger, presentation of ideas as opposed to multiple 5 minute individual commentaries.  Also, the presenter does not have to be a member of the 12 person group.  They can be an outside individual or even a professional (lawyer, accountant, architect, engineer, etc)

Additionally, there is no limit as to how many of these groups can be formed or what side of the issue they have to be on.  They can be pro or con.  If 36 different folks want they can form 3 different groups.

For more information on this please visit the city's web site by clicking here.

The public hearing for this matter is scheduled for Monday 12/18/17.