Friday, November 03, 2017

Justin Adrian Lies to the Voters

When discussing what his opponent said, Justin Adrian told a heck of a whopper concerning the Deffenbaugh impact fee.

Here is a question that was posed to Dave Myres:

How should Shawnee be using the proceeds from the impact fee paid to the city by Deffenbaugh for use of the landfill space?

Here was Dave Myres answer:  The impact fee is intended to repair the damage to our roads caused by the Deffenbaugh trucks.  However, about half of that fee has been diverted to "economic development"  This is wrong and I will vote to stop it.

Justin Adrian then makes this statement:  The money is not being diverted.  The agreement was setup with Deffenbaugh specifically to allow 50% to go to street maintenance and 50% for economic development to compensate for the loss of development ready land due to the landfill.

Justin Adrian is flat out lying.  I was at the council meetings when that came up.    There was absolutely NO agreement with Deffenbaugh as to how the fee was to be allocated.  That decision is/was not theirs to make. The only agreement with Deffenbaugh was the amount of the fee and for how many years it would be in effect. It was at a budget meeting and some council members wanted the entire fee to go to economic development.  Others wanted the entire fee to go to street maintenance.  A compromise was reached and the fee was split 50/50.  Now here is the kicker.  The allocation was never placed in an ordinance, a policy statement or any other document.  As such it is considered an action as the "will of the council".  As such it can be changed at any time with a simple majority vote of the council.

Basically, Adrian's statement is full of horse manure and it is a total lie.  Ergo he is a liar.

If Mr. Adrian is a history teacher I really hope he gets his facts straight on what he teaches the children in his classes.  Or does he twist the facts to suit his view of history.