Saturday, November 11, 2017

New Faces to the Shawnee City Council

This past Tuesday Shawnee voters went to the polls and in January there will be three new faces on the city council.

Ward 1:  Matt Zimmerman defeated incumbent Dan Pflumm.  Not completely sure where Zimmerman stands on some items so will be waiting and watching to see what happens here.

Ward 2:  Mike Kemmling ran unopposed and as such will serve another term on the council.

Ward 3:  Candidate Justin Adrian defeated Candidate Dave Myres (the incumbent Jeff Vaught was tossed out by the voters in the primary).  This one really concerns me as I find it abhorrent to have an individual who went to the Democratic convention as a Hillary Clinton delegate sitting on our city council.  He may not represent the ward I live in, but when he takes actions he is taking them for the whole city.  I seriously question the sincerity of his comments in support of veterans after he supported the Witch (sp) of Benghazi.  My microscope is ready to look at every action/move he makes on the council.  At least I'm up front about it.

Ward 4:  Candidate Lindsey Constance defeated Candidate Tony Noble (the incumbent Brandon Kenig, like Jeff Vaught, got tossed by the voters in the primary).  Her kumbayah approach makes me really wonder about where she stands on various issues.  Since this is the ward that I live in, that microscope will be at high power to monitor her actions and moves on the council.

Since two of these folks received strong Democratic Party support maybe taking a page out of the Democrat's play book might not be a bad idea.  You know the page, the one where the day after Trump won the Presidency the Dems were already talking impeachment.  Maybe I should start talking recall election.  Why not?  According to Kansas statutes the process can begin anytime after six months of their taking office.  Something to think about.