Thursday, February 14, 2019

Clarifying Misinformation Regarding Council Action For Vote on Proposed New Community Center

Based on correspondence that I have received there is an apparent misunderstanding about the city council's vote on Monday 2/11/19.

The council did NOT vote to approve the new proposed community center.  The council voted to put it on an election ballot and let the citizens of Shawnee make that decision.

There are many who oppose this monstrosity, this Taj Mahal on Woodland.  Efforts must be made to inform the citizens of the realities of how bad this project is.  Efforts must be made to also monitor whatever information city staff puts out as part of the "education" process.  How forthcoming will that info be?

Let's start with this.  The bond amount is $38 million.  The payments are $2.7 million for 20 years.  Where I come from 20 x 2.7 equals 54.  Yepper, $54 million.  But, none of the documents or info sheets presented mentioned that.  How many folks glanced over that without doing the math?

More info on other aspects of this project to come:  Vote "NO" on 5/21/19 for the Taj Mahal on Woodland.  Remember, it is a mail ballot.  Ya don't even have to put a stamp on the return envelope.  Just vote "NO", put it in the envelope and give it to your carrier.

VOTE "NO" On 5/21/19