Saturday, February 02, 2019

Council Meeting Feb 11, 2019 - Proposed New Community Center

As of right now it appears that certain items relative to the new proposed community center will be on the agenda.

These would include:
A.  Final cost factors
B.  Proposed wording of the ballot question for the May mail in ballot regarding the mill levy increase.

Will the ballot wording include the fact that the mill levy increase has no expiration date?  Will it include the information that traditionally facilities like this do not, thru fees and memberships, cover yearly operating expenses?  Just look at those factors for our existing swimming pools.  And that any annual shortfall would have to be covered by the general fund.

Unfortunately we will not find out that info until Feb 7, 2019, four days before the meeting.  That is the statutory requirement for that info to be published to the public.  Is that really enough time for citizens to absorb what is probably going to be a lengthy document(s)?

I urge the city manager and staff to get that info out to the public prior to 2/7.  I doubt if you will be waiting until the last minute to have all of your info together.  Give the public the real time needed to absorb the info and be able to comment intelligently.