Friday, February 08, 2019

Taj Mahal Relocates From India to Shawnee

On Monday 2/11/19 the City Council will vote to put an item on a mail ballot election.  This item would be to issue $38 million in bonds to construct a new Community Center in west Shawnee.  The repayment of the bonds plus interest would be covered by a mill levy increase.  Dose Shawnee really need this?  Does Shawnee really need the debt?  Especially since the Community Center is estimated to lose over $200K a year (operating expenses vs revenues).  That means the center would have to be subsidized from the general fund.  Monies which could go to other items that need to be addressed.

Come to the meting at City Hall Monday night 2/11/19.  It starts at 7PM.
And when the item shows up on the NO

Does Shawnee really need this?