Friday, October 18, 2019

I Was Wrong on 10/11/19

Whoops, you won't see that headline too often.  Unlike some folks, I can admit it, even though it doesn't happen too often......LOL

OK, let's split this post into two parts:

Part 1:  My comments on 10/11/19 that the proposed Charter Ordinance 46 was a virtual blank check were wrong.  It was not.  And with some last minute verbiage adjustments by Council Member Jenkins and City Attorney Rainey the item became very acceptable to all concerned.

Part 2:  I still stand by my comments that it was abhorrent for a Charter Ordinance to be placed on an agenda for a city council meeting without first going through the committee process.  The item showed up late Thursday 10/10 for inclusion at the meeting of 10/14.  Let's get this straight, Shawnee and other cities in Kansas function on charter ordinances.  Other cities in other states function on charters and States function on constitutions.  A charter ordinance is the basic building block for other actions of the city.  It is not like an ordinance for how many pets you can have, property set backs or any of that stuff.  It is how the city is to be run and governed.  And, if folks can't see that then they are blind.  Charter ordinances, by their very nature need to go to committee first for a thorough hashing out and vetting.  Not, place on an agenda for action 4 days (two of which are the weekend) later.