Saturday, October 12, 2019

Kurt Knappen for Shawnee City Council Ward 3 (Full Term)

Kurt Knappen's business and community involvement background puts him head and shoulders, IMHO, above his opponent for the Shawnee City Council.

He has spent the past 21 years working for just two companies to get better care for individuals suffering from type 2 Diabetes.  For the past 15 years he has served as a District Business Manager for his company which involves managing, leading and coaching a team of 9-11 individuals.
This experience includes hiring, performance management, setting the tone and vision, inspiring, coaching, budgeting and HR issues related to the team.  Including salaries and expenditures, he effectively manage a budget well over $1.5 million annually.  Importantly, he manages his team remotely, spending approximately 2 days per month with each.  This is important as it will help him in his dealings working with City Staff in a remote manner (via phone and email to a large extent).  He successfully deals with conflict first hand, manages out low performers, routinely gains consensus among a broad group of individuals and leads with innovative ideas while addressing tough issues.
Additionally, he has previously served as Treasurer of the J.C. Republican Party and as an elected Republican Precinct Committeeman.  Finally, he was appointed to the Lenexa Parks and Rec Board and received 2 “keys to the city” for his work on behalf of the community.
In Shawnee, he has served as a youth boys  head football coach (6 seasons), both boys and girls soccer coach (20+ seasons) and wrestling coach (5 seasons) in addition to serving at Westside Family Church and in various other volunteer capacities.
Additionally Kurt makes it a point to pay his property taxes on time.  His opponent, on multiple occasions, had to play catch up on 2-3 years worth at one time.  Not good for someone who is going to have to make decisions on items which concern taxes in Shawnee.