Friday, October 11, 2019

Proposed Charter Ordinance 46 - A Virtual Blank Check

There is no other way to put this.  There is an item on Monday's (10/14) City Council Agenda to pass a Charter Ordinance 46 to replace Charter Ordinance 43.  This item if passed would give the council (and not just this one) a virtual blank check to issue general obligation bonds for just about anything they want.  Yes, they could even jam a community center down the city's throat even though 72% of our citizens said no to this.

It is imperative that the citizens of Shawnee rise up against this abuse of power by certain members of the council, and show up at the meeting on 10/14 and express their displeasure concerning this proposed charter ordinance.

Link to the agenda for 10/14/19.

Copy of the memo and the proposed new Charter Ordinance 46.

Briefly, the agenda says:

The proposed Charter Ordinance broadens the types of improvements set out in Charter Ordinance No. 43 that may be debt financed by general obligation bonds to include streetlights, and any other improvement or equipment, whether owned by the City, another government entity, or a private party, when the Governing Body finds that such improvement serves a public purpose