Thursday, May 10, 2012

Economic Development..............Who Pays?

Pretty buzz words aren't they?  Economic have it...........maybe..........sometimes..............who pays for it?  What is the return?

OK, here is an opinion piece that was in the KC Star today.  Now, it is a little on the lengthy side, but definitely deserves a read.  And yes, it is regarding a situation between KCMO and Overland Park, but certain items satnd out.

Now, when you read that article, pay particular attention to this portion of it:

Teva Neuroscience soon will get what it wants which, according to the city staff report, is “proximity to the Overland Park convention center and the city’s other amenities.”
Wait a minute.
Didn’t the public help build all those amenities partly to attract companies like Teva, per Eilert’s tactics many years ago? Absolutely. But now taxpayers will have to shell out again to actually get the businesses to come to Overland Park. Disgraceful
Taxpayer money to build the attractions that were supposed to attract new businesses, and now taxpayer money to pay those new businesses for coming into the area?????
Interesting, huh? 

Each and every future economic development plan for Shawnee needs to be gone over with a fine tooth comb.  Bully tactics against those who raise objections are not to be tolerated.   Some plans are good, some are typical "stick it to the taxpayers".  The bully tactics are like "if you're not in favor of this economic development plan then you are anti-Shawnee". Complete analysis is needed of each plan pur forth.

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