Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kuhn Responds..........Which Causes Me to Respond Back

Well, Dawn Kuhn responded to my email, which necessitated a response back by me:

Her response:

My maiden name is Dawn White.

I am paid appropriately by both the City of Shawnee and my private employer. I file the correct Federal and State tax forms accordingly.

Dawn Kuhn

Council Member Ward 3

City of Shawnee

My reply to that:
Ms. Kuhn,

You are still not answering the questions. Why are you using two different names for payment from the City of Shawnee? Your payroll is White and your expenses are Kuhn.

As for your private employer, which is it? Are they paying you under your maiden name as the city does? Or are they paying you as Kuhn?

Very simple questions.

Ray Erlichman