Thursday, May 31, 2012

Is it Kuhn or is it White?

This thing with the last names for Council Member Kuhn (see my previous posts  of 3/22/12 & 3/28/12) was sticking out like a sore thumb.  Decided to go straight to the source and get the info direct from the horse's mouth.  Sent Ms Kuhn the following email this afternoon:

Dear Ms. Kuhn,

Based on information contained at the web site I submitted some KORA requests to the City of Shawnee.

The Kansas Open Gov site does not list “Dawn Kuhn” as a council member for Shawnee but does list a “Dawn White”.

I found this to be perplexing, since you have filed on multiple occasions for the position as “Kuhn”, are registered to vote as such, and won elections under that name. It also appears that you may have signed some of the campaign finance reports as such.

The KORA requests came back and verified that:

a. You appear on payroll for your council member’s salary with the surname of “White”

b. You receive reimbursements for expenses as a council member with the surname ‘Kuhn”

Would you care to explain why the multiple names for various reimbursements by the city to you?

Additionally, I cannot inquire of Bank Midwest as to how you appear on their payroll, but it would be interesting if you would supply that information. You are designated I believe as a Vice-President and Banking Center Manager as “Dawn Kuhn”. Do they pay you as “Kuhn” or do they pay you as “White”?

Thank you,

Ray Erlichman