Friday, February 15, 2013

Dealing with a COW

I wrote about this during the last election cycle.  What is a COW?  A COW is a "councilmember from other ward"

OK, let me explain.  We each live in wards in Shawnee.  We vote for councilmembers to represent us.  When the council meets and votes on items they are representing the entire city.

Now let's say that there is a councilmember in another ward that you feel does not vote for what you feel is right.  Well, you cannot vote for that person's opponent.  But, you can help that person's opponent.  You can contribute to the other person's campaign.  You can help distribute flyers.  You can make phone calls for them.  You do NOT have to live in the ward to do those things.

Remember, every coucnilmember represents you.  So, if you are unhappy with the way a COW functions, support their opponent.  The reverse is also true. If you feel that a COW truly represents your feelings and beliefs, then you can do the same things to help them get reelected.