Friday, February 01, 2013

KC Star Editorial About the KOMA Situation

The KC Star's editorial can be read at 

Please read the full editorial at the above link................quoted below are two of the paragraphs:

The latest incident involved Shawnee Mayor Jeff Meyers and the City Council members who basically agreed on a deal in private to elect the mayor’s uncle to the council in 2012, according to Howe. (my note:  the councilmembers were Neighbor, Sandifer, Kuhn and Vaught)

Ultimately, Meyers and all the other politicians who have abused the public trust need to stop bellyaching about the open meetings law and start obeying it.

I'm just wondering if  Councilmember Vaught is going to treat us to a repeat of one of his diatribes about how it's not right for the media to publish negative items about Shawnee.  Hey Vaught, if ya don't want negative items appearing in the media don't do negative things.  Don't appoint someone to the council as the result of a "backroom deal"  (the DA's term, not mine).

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