Thursday, February 14, 2013

Shawnee Heroes Pull

OK, here's the deal.  After the St. Patrick's Day Parade, Sunday March 10th at 2PM there will be a charity event at the Splash Cove parking lot (Johnson Drive and King St in downtown Shawnee)

Various teams have been formed and will attempt to pull a police armored vehicle and a firetruck 50 feet.

This is being done to raise money for Kansas Special Olympics.  All money raised stays in Kansas and helps the Special Olympics Athletes with physical fitness training and sports programs, health and nuitrition programs, and leadership development. Special Olympics is not just about the sports, but it uses sports to build the athletes' confidence, self esteem, physical well being, and gives them the opportunities to be doing things they normally would not have.

OK, so what about donating.  Each team member is trying to get as many doantions as possible, and there is a little challenge going on to see who can raise the most money.

One of the teams is the City Hall Crusaders and their page is

You can click on the name of an individual team member and make your donation in their name.   I chose to make mine on behalf of my Ward 4 councilmember Michelle Distler, and her page can be accessed directly at

Join in..........the donations don't have to be big..............every bit's for a good cause.........and then turn out on the 10th of March to cheer the team on............I can hardly wait to see them pulling those vehicles.

Side note:  If you're bashful, the donation page (since this is a charity) has a box that you can check to be anonymous.