Sunday, February 24, 2013

Less Than 48 Hours To Go

In less than 48 hours, the polls will open in Ward II in Shawnee for the primary election for city council.  The election will narrow a four person field down to two, with the two biggest vote getters going on to the general election on April 2.

Dr. Mike Kemmling is undeniably the best qualified for this position.  He proved it in the last election that he had the confidence of a large number of the Ward's voters since he barly lost to Neal Sawyer by only 11 votes.

When David Morris resigned, and that position came open, instead of appointing an individual that the voters wanted the city council gave the job to the mayor's uncle by marriage, Alan Willoughby.
And that was done, without allowing public input, and according to the JoCo DA, the result of "backroom deals" with the mayor as the "ringleader".

If you'd like to read the back up documentation for that, go here: