Sunday, September 15, 2013

Info on Applicants for Ward III Position

I have sent the following email to the city clerk, with copies to the governing body and the city manager:

In response to a question I sent to members of the council, part of Neal Sawyer’s is quoted below:

“I believe that we should conduct the interview process without public comment. I believe that the people that are interested in the appointment will contact the council members prior to the special meeting to let them know if they have concerns about a candidate or would like for them to support a candidate. That way the council members have time to carefully consider any citizen comments rather than hear them only minutes before a vote is cast.”

There is one minor problem with the above.  Access to the information, i.e.cover letter, resumé, and other items required to be submitted, apparently is only available right now by KORA request.

 I know that you are very conscientious about responding to KORA requests for this type of information.  But, wouldn’t it save time, and money if a link was created on the city’s web page so that citizens could download the info? 

The only individual who has applied so far (according to the city’s web site) is a Jason Sheahan, and that was a little over a week ago, and there is no link to the info.

I am suggesting the link for the applicants’ info be created within 24-48 hours of their submission.  This time frame becomes important especially if individuals wait until near closing date, since the meeting will be held 6 days after the closing date.  This would then allow citizens time to research the qualifications of the candidates, and submit timely comments to the members of the council as Neal Sawyer suggests.

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