Saturday, September 21, 2013

Let's Party, Or, Are We Inivted?

A new precedent was set when Uncle Alan Willoughby's appointed term to the council ended.  A bye-bye reception was held at city hall.

In an email dated August 8th from city manager Carol Gonzales to Jim Neighbor in which Dawn Kuhn's upcoming resignation was discussed it was stated by the city manager "We will probably plan a reception to thank Dawn, before the meeting on the 14th, similar to what we did for Alan."

Since this reception will probably be held in city hall, (most likely in the conference room across from the planning department), and the costs covered with city (read that as taxpayer) funds, maybe the citizens of Shawnee should also be invited.  Bet there are a lot of people who would attend just to see that Kuhn really is going bye-bye, and happy about it.  The council will probably be a better place when this classic harridan departs.

Keep that date in mind, Monday 10/14, probably around 6:30PM. (Correction originally shown as 8/14)

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