Monday, September 09, 2013

Neal Sawyer Responds

Reference is made to the previous post concerning who did or did not respond to my question concerning public input for the upcoming special council meeting (10/28/13).  Councilmember Neal Sawyer responded last night:

Neal Sawyer, Ward II

At the state and county levels of grovernment when someone resigns or leaves their office, the precinct committee people of the party have a meeting to pick the successor.   Those meetings can only be attended by precinct committee people of that district and the only opportunity for a citizen to make comments is to find out who their precinct committee people are before the meeting and talk with them.


I went back and looked at other appointments that have been made since 1998 and if commits were taken.   Please see below.


7/8/1998      Ward 2  Mayor Allen                Roche was appointed             No Public Comment

1/14/2002   Ward 2  Mayor Allen                 Sawyer was appointed            No Public Comment

5/4/2004      Ward 3  Mayor Meyers           Novosel was appointed             Public Comment

2/7/2005     Ward 4   Mayor Meyers           Tubbesing was appointed          No Public Comment
5/10/2012  Ward 3  Mayor Meyers             Neighbor was appointed             Public Comment
7/9/2012     Ward 2  Mayor Meyers             Willoughby was appointed        No Public Comment

I believe that we should conduct the interview process without public comment. I believe that the people that are interested in the appointment will contact the council members prior to the special meeting to let them know if they have concerns about a candidate or would like for them to support a candidate. That way the council members have time to carefully consider any citizen comments rather than hear them only minutes before a vote is cast.

My comments about the above:  City government is not as large as county or state and is closer to the people.  As such, I'll disagree with Neal, and feel the comments of the people should be live and on the record.

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