Saturday, September 28, 2013

Shawnee, Open Wide and say Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

We are not talking about your throat for a doctor to check for an infection. We are talking about your wallets. Yepper, it's coming. What is it? Tax increases.

Let's start with this article regarding a Sept. 17, 2013 council committee meeting in the Shawnee Dispatch. Please read it, along with the other links posted here. I will have some additional comments at the end of this post.

Back in April, City Manger Gonzales was so happy about not having to raise taxes for the 2014 budget. Notice though how she doesn't really mention what is in store for 2015 and beyond. Didn't she see it coming? Was the info not being given to the citizens of Shawnee? Was she purposely omitting that.  Don't believe me? Please read this article:

Then the City of Olathe indicated that they would be looking at tax increases. No kidding, and I wondered if the same would be happening to Shawnee. That can be read here:

And then , wonder of wonders, Mayor Jeff Meyers plants the seed for a tax increase.

Now, the Sept 17th committee meeting was one of the few I have missed. I haven't seen the minutes , as they are not posted yet, but it is my understanding that one of the council members (from Ward III, Vaught) had indicated something to the effect that if there was a tax increase then funds normally allocated for street repairs should go to other areas. 

Whoooops. If we need a tax increase for street repairs, then let's also keep any "normal" allocations for that purpose. And, let's cut out the nonsense with the $3 million that we get from Deffenbaugh and apply all of it to infrastructure updates/maintenance.  This as opposed to the current plan of 50/50 with streets and eco development. That could reduce the tax increases and maybe allow for them to have a specific end date, or project to revert back after a certain time frame.

As I said above, "Shawnee, Open Wide and say Ahhhhhhh"

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