Friday, January 23, 2015

"Agendas" & "Special Interests" Revisited

At just about every election I have posted an item about the use, or rather misuse of the terms "agenda" & "special interests".

It is ridiculous for someone to say to vote or not vote for a person because they have an agenda and/or are supported by special interests.

Let's look at each one individually.

Agenda:  What is an agenda.  It is a plan or a list of items that a candidate wants to get accomplished.  Heck, I wouldn't want to vote for somebody unless they did have an agenda.  Who wants somebody in office who has no idea as to where they are going?  The only time an agenda is a "bad" agenda is if it doesn't agree with what you would like to see accomplished.

Special interests:  Heck, every candidate is supported by special interests.  And every voter has special interests.  People will support candidates who have ideas that mirror their own.  A candidate says that he/she is in favor of painting sidewalks purple.  OK, folks who agree with that will support that candidate, including with money.  Folks who disagree with that will not support that candidate.  As with agendas, the only time that a candidate being supported by special interests is wrong is when those special interests do not coincide with what a particular voter agrees with.

So come on folks, let's be real about those two terms.  Candidates, don't use them.  Be specific instead.