Sunday, January 25, 2015

Two New Hotels for Shawnee

There is an item on the city council agenda for tomorrow concerning the possibility of two new hotels on Midland Road near Renner.

Now this makes sense.  These hotels would be basically a destination venue.  Something that folks from outside of the area would come to specifically.  Just browse back through this blog.  I have been saying for years that we need some destination venue on the I-435 corridor to get some of the bleed off from Village West, the speedway, sports venues, etc.  Ironically, the principal behind this project owns a hotel in Village West.  Guess he must know something about bleed off.

This sure makes more sense for economic development compared to more shopping centers, with fast food restaurants that will just split local revenues.

Now if we could add some more destination venues, especially along the I-435 corridor, to Shawnee, life would be good.