Wednesday, January 07, 2015

We Need Michelle Distler as Mayor

Michelle Distler would be a great mayor for Shawnee.  She is probably the most prepared council member at meetings because she does her research.

She also does not believe in "backroom shenanigans" and has proven that.  Remember the District Attorney's investigation and subsequent findings related to the appointment of Alan (the current mayor's uncle by marriage)  Willoughby to what at the time was an open council seat?  Her comments were a major catalyst for the DA's investigation which resulted in a very strong letter of rebuke by the DA.  Yet, one of her opponents, Jeff Vaught, attempted to dismiss the DA's findings. Hmmmm, wasn't Vaught one of the council members who voted for Uncle Alan?  Was he part of the backroom shenanigans?

Michelle Distler would bring integrity to the position.

Anyway, if you would like to contribute to her campaign you can do so by going to her web page

If 500 people would donate just $20 each it would be very helpful to her campaign.  Even $10 would pay for two yard signs.  Now for those who can, the maximum donation allowed by law is $500 per person or business.  Also, that maximum can be "hit" twice, once during the primary cycle (prior to the primary election) and once during the general cycle(prior to the general election).

Important dates:  Primary Election is March 3, 2015 and the General Election is April 7, 2015

Information on voter registration, advance voting (in person or by mail) and other important items can  be found on the JoCo Election Office web site