Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Great Letter in the Shawnee Dispatch Today

Nathan Carter, a Shawnee resident had a great letter published in the Shawnee Dispatch.  It can be viewed at

In his letter Mr. Carter laments about the previous low turnouts in city elections and urges everyone to vote in the upcoming city elections (primary March 3 and general April 7).

Any long term reader of this blog knows this is a subject that I have commented on many times.  Shawnee residents are pretty good at turning out for presidential and gubernatorial elections.  When it comes to city elections, turn out sucks.

Ironically, it is city government that has the most effect on people's daily lives, from police/fire to snow plowing, to parks, street repairs, sales taxes etc.  Also, it is the level of government that is easiest for citizens to make their feelings known (which by the way in Shawnee we don't have enough of this either).

It's amazing how many people don't even know who their council members are.  They usually can't even name one of the two in their ward.

Let's get the voter turn out up on this year's elections.