Friday, May 01, 2015

Where is Your Money Going?

Over the years I have heard many folks ask "Why is the city spending money on xyz?"  or "Why doesn't the city spend money on abc?"

Then I ask those folks "have you ever attended a council budget session?"  And they look at me like I was being ridiculous.  The "city's money" is really your money.  Why not sit in on some of these sessions and see and hear what is happening with your money.  You have a right to do that.  Heck, you have an obligation to do that.  You also have a right to contact your council members and voice your opinion(s).  Do it!!!!!

This year the first budget session will be Tuesday, 5/5/15 at the council committee meeting, scheduled for 7PM, which is following a special call meeting of the city council at 6:30PM the same night.

For a complete schedule of the budget meetings this year please click here.