Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Email to Legislators, Re: Campus Carry

The following email was sent this morning to State Sen Mary Pilcher-Cook and State Reps Linda Gallagher, Tom Cox, Shelee Brim and Cindy Neighbor.

Good morning,

This email is being sent to those members of the Kansas legislature that represent the City of Shawnee.  So that there is no misunderstanding a copy of this email will be posted at  Any replies (which are both welcome and encouraged) will also be posted there.

It is my understanding that some members of the legislature are trying to change Kansas statutes so as to eliminate the upcoming deadline of 7/1/17 that would allow for campus carry.  They want a permanent ban on campus carry.

It is my opinion that any action to change the current deadline would be wrong.  Continuing a ban on campus carry would not create safe areas.  Just look at the number of high volume shootings and where they occurred.  They take place in gun free zones, including that movie theater in Colorado. Why?  It is really very simple.  Gun free zones leave the innocent with no protection.  Let’s use some common sense and logic here and NOT emotions.  An individual who is desirous of committing a heinous crime is not going to let a sign on a door to a building stop them.  Knowing that some of their potential victims might be armed could be a deterrent.

The current statute calls for those institutions that want to continue with bans on bringing firearms into building must provide armed security along with detection devices.  An 8-1/2 x 11 sign would mean something to law abiding citizens but NOT to criminals.

Feel good laws do not stop criminals.  A reminder:  after the horrendous situation at Sandy Hook the State of Connecticut passed a bunch of gun control legislation.  When asked which of the new laws would have stopped the perpetrator, Adam Lanza, the answer was none of them.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank you